Jordan: Theodor Schneller School

Education for all – this is the guiding principle of the Theodor Schneller School in Jordan. Children and young people from poor and difficult circumstances are offered a chance at a better life.

Jordan has always been seen as a haven of peace in a politically-unstable region. The Jordanian royal family has adopted a policy of equality, while peace between Christians and Muslims is also a genuine concern of the monarchy. Despite this, economic hardship, high unemployment and oppressive government debts still prevail. The biggest challenges facing the country are the extreme water shortage and an inefficient education system.

From kindergarten to apprenticeship 

Against this background, the Theodor Schneller School (TSS) has been operating in the capital Amman since 1959. Roughly 250 children and youngsters – boys and girls, Christians and Muslims – attend kindergarten, school and boarding school here, or do their training at apprentice workshops. As well as established training courses in automobile mechanics, joinery and metalwork, the school has recently added extra courses in hotel and guest hospitality, hairdressing and automobile electrics.

Short-term, one-year courses are also available for young people with learning difficulties. All the training courses are state-approved.


9.5 million inhabitants, of which 2% are Christians

Learning with all the senses

The concept of holistic education applies in the school: the school team staunchly believes that external conditions – such as a healthy and balanced diet – can have a positive effect on the development of children and their academic success. A lot of the vegetables used in the school kitchen are grown organically on the school premises. A music room was built for musical education. However, particular attention is paid to children and young people with learning difficulties, who are offered remedial teaching.

„Sawa nihna aqwar“

"United We Are Stronger" sings the school choir of the TSS with their music teacher Qamar Badwan. For the 50th anniversary of EMS, they recorded their own version of the EMS jubilee song "Together We Are Free" - a praise of intercultural and interreligious community.

Students of the TSS in a Recording Studio

Music is good for the soul and boosts self-confidence! In spring 2022, TSS students were able to record their own song in a recording studio. A complete success! The young singers will now perform at the cultural festival in Russeifa.

And yet TSS is faced with new, sometimes existence-threatening challenges on a virtually daily basis. As a result of the economic effects of the current crises, it has become increasingly difficult to pay the teachers’ wages. Only with donations from Germany and Switzerland has it been possible to stave off the worst possible fate. The dilapidated water supply and sewage system on the huge school site has also needed renovating – a process that is still ongoing to this day.

Project goals

Just two percent of the population of Jordan is Christian. However, the Theodor Schneller School (TSS) is a Christian island in a Muslim environment. Christians and Muslims living and learning together promotes mutual respect for the religion of others. Some of the pupils come from difficult family circumstances. The TSS helps children develop into confident and liberal-minded people who are full of zest for life.


Project work

The Theodor Schneller School (TSS) works according to the concept of holistic education. The school team firmly believes that an action-oriented and integrated learning concept has a positive effect on children and their learning. The TSS offers children and young people prospects. They receive a solid school education, and some go on to learn a trade in affiliated workshops. Great emphasis is put on tolerance and mutual respect at the Schneller schools.

Project partner

The TSS is run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East, which belongs to the global Anglican church. The church works closely with the Schneller Foundation within the school’s local administrative board. In doing so, it is continuing the work of Johann Ludwig Schneller, who founded the “Syrian Orphanage” back in 1860, in order to give war orphans a good education that would offer them the opportunity to live a self-sufficient life.


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Many parents in Jordan are ashamed of their blind children and hide them away at home. An integrated school in Irbid gives these children prospects for the future – through elucidation and a decent education.

Education for all – this is the guiding principle of the Theodor Schneller School in Jordan. Children and young people from poor and difficult circumstances are offered a chance at a better life.