We want

a world without hunger or poverty, without war or violence, in which all people can live a self-determined and dignified life. In solidarity with the ostracised, the marginalised and the vulnerable, we are working towards just and humane living conditions. We encourage respectful conduct towards one another – regardless of culture and religion.

We share

our resources with people in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. We learn from one another and with each other; we make decisions together. We are committed to peaceful dialogue, the fight against poverty, and healthcare provision. We support school and education programmes and encourage the spreading of the Gospel. This way, we live in a vibrant and solidary partnership.

We are

the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity, the EMS: 25 churches and five missionary societies in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East form a network of established, long-term partnerships. As a Christian society, we share resources, learn from and with each other, and make decisions together – enhancing the lives of everyone.


31. July 2023

The 2022 annual report of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) is now available. the 16-page publication entitled "Free for the Future" can be downoladed free of charge from the EMS website.

28. July 2023

From 18th to 21st July 2023, Karnataka Theological College in Mangalore (India) held a workshop on “Homiletics and Family Counselling”, supported by the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity.

06. July 2023

The New Issue of "EMS Insights" Is Out! Jesus' entreaty to love one's enemies is one of the key messages of the Gospels. But how are peace and reconciliation possible? What can each and every one of us actually do…

By donating, you are helping us to support people in desperate need of help. Through our projects, people are given prospects in life, for example through a sound education or good healthcare. In the long-term, this produces structures that improve the lives of everyone in the supported region. Play a part. Give people the gift of hope.

The goal of the EMS is to help people in the long term. The EMS Foundation provides the financial basis required to make this possible. Every year, the revenues from the foundations’ assets help people in need. You too can help. Your support allows us to achieve something lasting. With a lifetime foundation or a bequest, you are effectively supporting the work of the EMS, as you are giving people long-term opportunities that they would not otherwise have.


The projects and initiatives of the EMS are effective, varied and exemplary when it comes to cooperative partnerships. But how much more could the EMS achieve if more people were aware of the good work it does? Mission work, aid and charity move and connect people. Being a part of this global network allows you to support people sustainably. That feels good, doesn’t it? Then spread the word or volunteer with the EMS.



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