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In catastrophes and crises, the ability to respond quickly becomes a matter of survival. Thanks to EMS emergency aid, we are effectively prepared for such situations.

Whether earthquakes, famine or civil war: every catastrophe or humanitarian crisis is always a race against time for the emergency services on site. Children, women and men must receive medical aid, secure accommodation, drinking water and food as quickly as possible. It is often a matter of life and death. The Evangelical Mission in Solidarity also repeatedly supports its member churches in crisis situations.

Increasing threats

Many of our member churches are in regions, which have always regularly been afflicted by natural disasters. For example, there is a great threat of earthquakes in Indonesia, while India frequently suffers flooding or periods of drought. Furthermore, climate change is increasingly causing extreme weather in countries like these. However, the number of disasters and humanitarian crises that are not the result of devastating natural events – for example, wars, environmental catastrophes or accidents – have also increased globally and threaten the lives of many people.

Acting with foresight

Disasters are unpredictable and are not always preventable. Despite this, in order to be able to anticipate and actively face these challenges, the EMS has systematically established reserves from non-specific donations. They are available quickly and unbureaucratically in case of an emergency. For example, we were able to provide money for aid missions and rebuilding immediately after the flood disaster in 2018 in southern India, the major explosion in the port of Beirut in 2020, and the earthquake on Sulawesi at the start of 2021 as well as the major earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border region 2023.


In the EMS, all governing bodies are international committees. All members have equal rights.

Help for all affected

The funds entrusted are managed independently by the local EMS member churches. They are the ones who can best assess where the greatest need is, and what aid is required most urgently. Wherever possible, the churches purchase the aid supplies themselves and transport them in the shortest and fastest way possible to the crisis and disaster areas. Even after the end of the actual aid mission, they support the families and communities affected, helping them to rebuild their lives in the long term. EMS emergency aid is, as a matter of principle, always aimed at the entire population – regardless of religion or church membership.

Project goals

Natural disasters and humanitarian crises threaten the lives and livelihoods of many children, women and men around the world. With the EMS emergency aid, we are able to help protect people from the consequences of disasters in the short and long term. The support we are able to offer benefits everyone in need, regardless of which religion or faith they belong to.


Project work

After a disaster, those affected are immediately reliant on aid. In order to be able to react fast and systematically to emergency situations, the EMS has used non-specific donations to establish financial reserves for use in emergencies. We are able to access these funds immediately in crisis situations. The aid is rapid and unbureaucratic. After the disaster, we help those affected to rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

Project Partner

The Secretariat of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) in Stuttgart coordinates the joint activities of all its member churches and mission societies. They work together on an equal footing, support each other, organise programmes, fund projects to improve living conditions, and are engaged in lively discussions regarding principles and practicing their faith.

We are pleased to hear that you are interested in this project. If you have any general questions, please use the contact form below. We are also happy to help you personally if you have any questions or require further information – by phone or by E-mail.


Angelika Jung

Head of Unit Fundraising

+49 711 636 78 -63

Sabine Marschner

Assistant Programmes and Projects

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In catastrophes and crises, the ability to respond quickly becomes a matter of survival. Thanks to EMS emergency aid, we are effectively prepared for such situations.

With your donation towards “general work”, you are supporting the various tasks of the EMS, exactly where your help is needed most urgently.