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With your donation towards “general work”, you are supporting the various tasks of the EMS, exactly where your help is needed most urgently.

The EMS is the international community of churches and missionary societies in Africa, Asia and Europe. An important element of this community are the joint projects and networks. With donations towards the general work of the EMS, you are supporting these cross-border programmes and established networks run by the EMS. In doing so, you are enabling a vital partnership on equal terms and international cooperation between all member churches. For example, this is where project leaders network and exchange experiences, young adults gain life-enhancing experience on the Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programme (EYVP), and women’s organisations unite across continents to form a women’s network.

A very commendable decision

Donations towards our general work have a significant benefit: they give us planning security and reduce the administrative burden. You are entrusting us to use the money where it is needed most urgently at that particular moment. This way, we can provide flexible and uncomplicated support where the need is greatest. This also makes it possible to implement important projects, for which insufficient donations have been received through other means. You can rest assured that we will use the money you trust us with responsibly, transparently and as you would like to see it used.


In the EMS, all governing bodies are international committees. All members have equal rights.

Vibrant and solidary partnership

We share our resources with people in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. We learn from one another and with each other; we make decisions together. We are committed to peaceful dialogue, the fight against poverty, and healthcare provision. We support school and education programmes and encourage the spreading of the Gospel. This way, we live in a vibrant and solidary partnership.

Project goals

Non-earmarked donations for the general work carried out by the EMS allow us to flexibly and simply provide support where it is needed most at that particular moment in time. This gives us greater planning security and reduces the administrative burden. Non-dedicated donations also make it possible to adequately finance topics that are difficult to convey but still important.


Project work

Through its programmes and projects, the EMS Fellowship is committed to the fight against poverty, development cooperation, health work and deaconry, empowering women, and the inclusion of minorities. It supports school and education programmes for children and young people, as well as training programmes for priests. It also supports civil conflict management and peace work, as well as emergency aid and rebuilding in war and disaster areas.


Project partner

The Secretariat of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) in Stuttgart coordinates the joint activities of all its member churches and mission societies. They work together on an equal footing, support each other, organise programmes, fund projects to improve living conditions, and are engaged in lively discussions regarding principles and practicing their faith.


We are pleased to hear that you are interested in this project. If you have any general questions, please use the contact form below. We are also happy to help you personally if you have any questions or require further information – by phone or by E-mail.


Angelika Jung

Head of Unit Fundraising

+49 711 636 78 -63

Sabine Marschner

Assistant Programmes and Projects

+49 711 636 78 -30

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In catastrophes and crises, the ability to respond quickly becomes a matter of survival. Thanks to EMS emergency aid, we are effectively prepared for such situations.

With your donation towards “general work”, you are supporting the various tasks of the EMS, exactly where your help is needed most urgently.